Sunshine after rain

Well, not exactly sunshine perhaps, but after 24 hours of downpour, the light has come back. The garden is a squelchy mess and there’s a lot of water coming down the burn. Here it is pouring through the old mill dam (in winter it comes right over the top). There’s not a lot I can usefully do until the ground has dried, and it will take a day or two before the water finds it way down through the clay. There’s a bit of a pause in the garden, now that the azaleas are finished and before the primula florindae and the ligularias and inulas are fully out. But there are one or two bright spots. Here is primula aurantiaca in amongst the florindae.It’s quite an easy damp-loving primula with characteristic reddish stems and colour varying from orange to yellow. It’s not very deep-rooted though, and if a mole passes beneath it, that’s the end. Below is primula secundiflora, just about over. This is one of my favourites,both for the richness of colour and the shape of the hanging bells. It’s semi-evergreen and unfortunately shallow-rooted, so that it is apt to be pushed out of the ground by frost, or just give up if the soil dries and the clay pancakes. It also rots in warm damp winters, so I have trouble keeping it going, although the clumps split up easily enough. It flowered very late this year:  it’s normally over by the end of May.


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