Encounter with a table decoration

My idea of flower arranging is to gather a bunch of flowers that work together, find a suitable vase, and stick them all in with the tallest at the back. That does me fine, and frankly, the thought of messing around with bits of twig and wire to create something that resembles a sculpture rather than a bunch of flowers leaves me cold.

Recently, however, I ran across this:At first glance, it’s just a pretty arrangement of shapes and colours. But look more carefully, and you’ll see that it’s actually a coral reef. The arranger (I don’t know who it is) has managed to create an undersea environment out of flowers and grasses….brilliant!

I have no idea what any of these plants are. But they have been transformed into different shapes of coral, patches of delicate seaweed, and sea anemones waving their orange tentacles in the passing current. And the designer has just let the idea speak for itself, without feeling the need to add anything (such as fish created from fabric, for example).

It goes against my idea of gardening to force plants into structures which don’t come naturally…I’m not keen on topiary for precisely that reason. But here, I think that something very clever and beautiful has been created, and I admire it.

Update 22/06/12

Since this post has generated a fair amount of interest, I tracked down the  creator of the centrepiece. It’s a small Belgian florist – website here: http://pimpernelhoeilaart.wordpress.com/  You can find Martine’s e-mail on that page – her English is OK, and I’m sure she would be happy to give a list of the plants she used.


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