Evening light

On the rare fine day here, the quality of the light shows through. Whenever I travel further south, I miss the long summer evenings. Mind you, we pay for them in the winter. My cheap camera can’t capture the full softness of the colours at 9.30 pm, but this may give an impression:

Whether you think of alchemilla mollis as a garden plant or a weed (and I incline towards the latter), there’s  no denying the extraordinary luminous quality of the flowers as the sun sets.


4 thoughts on “Evening light

  1. That first image is spectacular kininvie, and such light so late in the evening. I am completely drawn to those lovely colors of green and grey and the hills and trees. Tolkien wrote something like “in every wood in every spring there is a different green” and he was right. Your landscape reminds me of home and invites a walk. But Lady’s Mantle is definitely not a weed…

  2. Hi Linnie, You’re welcome to come and take a walk here any time you are around….
    As for Lady’s Mantle, I agree it has many virtues, but it does seed itself into places that I really don’t want it and I spend about as much time digging it out as I do dandelions. Probably my fault for not cutting it back as soon as the flowers are over.

  3. I’m a new reader of your blog so I’m still looking around, but I had to pop in and tell you that the first picture in this post captured my imagination. What a beautiful slice of heaven you have there!

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