The big yellow slugfest

The various ligularia species are just ideal for my conditions. They love damp and aren’t fussy about soil. The big ones can hold their own against most weeds, and their bold yellow or orange flowers blend in well. They are striking plants, and I would grow many more of them if I could. This is L.Veitchiana – a little past its best, but still making a show:But these plants have one drawback. They are a magnet for slugs:To you and  I, ligularia leaves may look rather coarse and ordinary, but slugs don’t see it like that. The moment the first leaves unfurl in March or April, the  entire population of nearby slugs descends on them, leaving only shredded remnants, and eventually a dead plant. Anti-slug warfare in the shape of blue pellets or a sacrificial lettuce deters them temporarily, but sooner or later the day comes when my vigilance wanes and the slimy army homes in…

Luckily, they are less fond of Inula magnificaThis is another plant I love for its lack of fussiness and for its ability to sit there and say ‘My God I’m big.’ But it takes its time, and just when I really need its herbaceous hugeness to be a stunning background feature, it’s only half way there – and by the time it flowers there’s not much else around to admire it. Such is life.

But I do like the flowers. They seem to mesh together like cogwheels, and provide a late delicacy for bumble bees.

4 thoughts on “The big yellow slugfest

  1. Beautiful photos what startling big plants! They really do say my god I’m big! Love the colours and the simple capture of the rogue in the middle:~)

  2. I love ligularias, I finally bought a couple of them (Otello and the Rocket) recently but I not sure they’re going to last in this heat. I discovered this year inula helenium, tried because the plant was on sale, put into the ground and forgot it. It grew very fast and the flowers are stunning, I want more for next year!

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