Before and After

I’ve been spending the last few days sawing and splitting firewood, which does not make for an interesting blog post. After too long at this tedious, repetitive job, I needed some incentive to continue, so I dug out a few pictures from last Winter, to remind me of why it is necessary: Personally, I prefer the view in Spring: The Mini has many virtues….But there are times that the weather gets it down…Rhododendron sinogrande is not supposed to be especially hardy, but it seems to be growing OK Despite its experiences of the Scottish climate: When the snow falls, the electricity goes. When the electricity goes, the central heating goes….When the central heating goes, the stoves are all that is left. Back to the sawing!


11 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. The images of the snow just took my breath away Kininvie! I have been outside painting in the 94 degree F heat today and that snow is beautiful! Do you always have so much? We often lose electricity here too in winter (rarely from snow), for hours or days, and wood stoves save us. We have a little oven in one of them…

    I think those mini cars are cute and useful looking. We have a tiny no-back-seat hybrid we love too. Hopeless in snow.

    • Hi Linnie – no that depth of snow was exceptional – which is not to say it won’t happen again. An oven in a wood stove is a great idea, I wish I had one. I just have a cooking ring on top – so it’s soup or stew….

  2. Apparently you will go back to before from after very quickly if you are expecting snow in october!!!
    I wish I was there with a tire under my bum screaming like mad down the hill! Did you have fun at least?

    PS: I love ‘beforeandafters’, please do it again!

  3. O my this got me thinking. Was snowed in last year twice. A long hill on the lane becomes impassable. It must be wonderful to see the developments of such an established garden too. All I can hope is if there is snow in October that the internet signal holds up!

    • Ellada, thank you for your visit. I was looking at your blog only the other day. I love the simplicity of it! I think I must learn to use fewer words. I’m not sure about snow being one colour….if it is deep enough, you get wonderful shades of ice blue.

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