The Eighth Samurai

Remember the Seven Samurai?


Well, you too can be like the warrior on the right. And all in the name of gardening. What you need is one of these:This is a Hayauchi Silky 6.3 metre (21ft) telescopic pole saw. It is a thing of beauty, and a fearsome weapon. Once you have removed its cover, you are faced with this:It’s certainly not the cheapest item of gardening equipment I have ever bought, but if you have trees with out-of reach branches that need to be removed, it will repay its cost in no time. Today’s task is to cut a branch or two from an ancient spruce that is interfering with a rhododendron.It’s hard  to get a good picture, but I hope you get the idea. At full extension the pole saw is not exactly easy to get into place, but no doubt if I were a proper samurai, I would find wielding a 6.3 metre  whippy spear very simple. Once in position though, gravity does most of the work, and it is only a question of avoiding the falling branch.  I could rave on for some time about the sharpness and the high quality steel (which you must oil with a silk cloth after each outing like a much-cherished sword), but I’ll confine myself to a photo showing how perfect the cut is:


Blessed with late September sunshine, the gentians are now at their best, and I can’t resist putting up some further pictures of them, since it is so rarely that they get the chance to do what they are supposed  to.The idea was to have a ‘blue river’ down the steps. Maybe it’s not quite a river, but at least it is blue.I wish I could say this happy combination of hydrangea paniculata, gentiana ‘sino-ornata’  and a late-flowering geranium whose name I’ve forgotten, was designed….but it wasn’t. Pure luck.

7 thoughts on “The Eighth Samurai

  1. Hi Kininvie
    I didn’t see the Seven Samurai movie (there are only six in the photo– one might be in the hospital following some tree pruning) but your new saw’s blade reminds me instead of a Klingon weapon from Star Trek. The silk cloth requirement is romantic. Or you might try oiling the blade with some cotton flannel, that’s what is used to clean the cannon. Clearly the saw is effective, but take care– it seems like a ‘whippy spear’ might get out of control….

  2. Perhaps not a river of gentians but a perfect trickle, Mr K. Very lovely. I have a couple of gentians in pots but I’ve never been too sure where best to plant them.

    I find that pure luck, or A Happy Coincidence, often gives the best results.


  3. Wow, that saw certainly is what i need in our property, but i don’t think we have it here and if there is i might not afford its cost. Isn’t it heavy though? And the photos are great too. If i am the owner, i will be using cotton like linniew, silk is difficult to locate.

    • Hello Andrea; If you really want it it’s worth doing an online search – lots of suppliers, and I’m sure someone would ship it. I think it’s cheaper in the US than in Europe. And no, it’s not too heavy – all aluminium except the blade.

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