Floating lawn care

Like the hanging gardens of Babylon, floating lawns are a wonder of the world. In fact, I’m fairly certain that my floating lawn is unique, and would become a tourist attraction if anyone knew about it. Here it is:You can tell it’s been wet. But what the picture can’t show you is that the whole central island of  turf is – genuinely – floating, like the cover on a swimming pool, and if you walk on it… well, it is like walking on the cover of a swimming pool. Somewhere underneath there is a choked and broken field drain, and in heavy rain the water pressure simply pushes all the turf loose from its moorings and raises it up into a bubble of grass

This squishy trampoline is irresistible to small children, but I’ve had to ban them ever since I fell through it myself. Not only was the water thigh deep and icy, but it was astonishingly hard to get back onto firm ground. So now I stick to taking pretty pictures of a marooned dandelion skeleton.While it has been wet here, most of England is basking in unseasonable sunshine. Jealous? You bet. Meanwhile, the overflow from the old mill dam is looking quite dramatic – although there will be bigger floods to come.

6 thoughts on “Floating lawn care

  1. That is a singular garden feature you have there Kininvie. I have a little trouble comprehending it. I can imagine it sort of tempts a person to try walking on water– glad you got out! It’s like one of those traps you see on adventure movies, with limbs and leaves covering a deep hole full of snakes. But it’s kind of pretty. Can you make waves and watch the grass go up and down?

  2. I looked at your floating lawn and thought what’s needed is a field drain or two. So you have one already, maybe made of stone and put in a long time ago. How about some of that nice yellow plastic drain. It works like a dream. Dig deep enough anywhere in our last garden and you come across. We used a whole roll! But maybe that’s a step too far…

    • It’s the obvious answer, but there would need to be a pretty deep trench between the floating lawn and the outlet to the burn. I’m not sure I can stand the disruption. I think I will live with it – it’s fairly harmless and provides endless amusement.

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