A little Autumn colour

In this part of the world, Autumn colour does not happen all at once. A few things turn red or golden. Then all their leaves blow away. Then a few more things turn. Then the wind gets up and the rain batters down. You have to catch the colour where you can. Oh for a week of still, clear weather with hard frost! Azaleas are a staple of October colour. What wonderful plants these are. Flowers, fragrance and a brilliant Autumn display. This particular bush is old and unhappy – so it produces the best colour. Young vigorous azaleas are not so obliging.Liquidamber styraciflua leaves on the turn. I love the name of this tree, although it is not very happy on my heavy clay soil. It is slower to turn than most of the trees and keeps its leaves longer. I don’t have it in the best of positions, so have to go in search of its colour rather than looking at it through the window.Pyracantha berries:Β  Always a dilemma over whether to cut it back and lose most of next year’s crop, or whether to let it ramp out of control and then be faced with a vicious, thorny horror the year after.


7 thoughts on “A little Autumn colour

  1. I like your remark that old azaleas are more colorful. I like it especially as I get older. But I don’t recall my azaleas ever showing that much color ever. I will be watching this year as the weather cools more.

    The new bloglist page is great Kininvie– Flora and I are so pleased to be part of it! The notes about each blog are a good idea and well done.

    • Thanks Linnie – I wanted to find some way to add something about why I liked the blogs I listed…it wasn’t that obvious how to do it in WordPress, and my workaround is still a little crude – but I’m still learning. I thought Flora was more appropriate than Tillie, and I like her anyway.

  2. Hey that azalea is striking! I’m not very fond of azaleas so i didn’t know at all they were scented too! I’ve been told you should not manure and you are supposed to make plants suffer if you want stunning colours in fall.

    Colours. ColoUrs. Thanks. You reminded me that lately I’ve lost the British U because of wordpress. πŸ™‚

    Thanks a lot for putting me in your blogs page, I feel honored! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Alberto: The yellow ‘wild’ species – azalea luteum is the most highly scented, if you change your mind. They probably wouldn’t do with you though – they are relatively high-altitude plants.

    • Most of the deciduous azaleas do turn – to a greater or lesser degree. But they need a good frost to make the best show – and there hasn’t been one yet, unfortunately.

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