17 thoughts on “A walk in the woods:

  1. It must be the perfect time of year to visit Belgium- beautiful. My answer to your question brings to mind squares and rectangles. I would say every forest is a garden, while every garden is not a forest. Kind of like how every jack-o-lantern is a vegetable, but not every vegetable can be a jack-o-lantern. (Have you carved your Halloween carrot yet?)

    • Nature can also produce some pretty horrible gardens, if you ask me. But I agree – although a beech forest like this one is about as man-made as they come, in some respects.

  2. That’s a beautiful place! I was thinking the same question a few days ago, when I saw a natural meadow, surrounded by highways and lanes and yet beautiful and perfect I nearly went off road to look it!
    So I think that yes, a forest, and a natural place can be a garden.

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