The second of Winter

The birds were right. More snow fell overnight, and heavy showers were still drifting in as it grew light, the sun struggling to make any impact:A flock of rooks settled in the bare top of a beech tree to wait out the storm:As the shower passed, the sun reappeared, and the garden was transformed, with the azaleas bearing clusters of fresh white blossomWhile, above the mill dam, a swampy mess of broken scrub willow now looked like spun sugar, setting off the black water of the burn:It’s snowing again now as it grows dark. The horribleness of driving in snow, clearing snow, drying snow-covered clothes, is offset by the beauty of itΒ  – although I can tire, even of that…


17 thoughts on “The second of Winter

    • Just the sled, Linnie. Cross-country skiing is something I only tried once. Never again. I really need a donkey for the sled. I did find a dog harness, but the dog, although enthusiastic, never quite grasped the idea of walking sedately in a straight line

  1. Kivie, Pleased to tell you, no snow yet. Your pictures look great other than that I will be happy if you keep the stuff. I got side tracked and have fallen behind with your tale of murder, mystery and suspense. Hope to catch up, so much going on here at the moment.

    • I’m glad to hear Aberdeen life is rich and full. Uncanny Death progresses at a rate of knots. A fascinating project – almost impossible. Liinnie & I now have a spreadsheet to keep track of events & time, while the airwaves groan with cross-cultural queries. But neither of us yet know whodunnit!

  2. Did you try to wash away those rooks with the power-wash? πŸ™‚
    Your pictures are fantastic, I’m not envious of your snow though: for me the fear of driving on icy roads is stronger than the beauty of snow. I could go to work in a dog sled though… I’m plenty of dogs to harness actually… πŸ˜‰

  3. Snow here intermittently, then stubborn ice to slither on. Great pictures. I landed (delayed but at least we went there) in a very snowy Inverness, winter sun and native pine snow clad. Looked like I’d stepped into a Xmas fairytale for a day.

    Pity your dog wasn’t keen – abjectly refuses.

    I do own skis, not implements I’m fond of, if only the wind would allow outdoor climbers in my garden, then the skis might prove useful as an oblesk. Then I might like them.

  4. Lovely to hear from you and it led me right back here. What a fantastic wintry atmosphere here at the moment. Lovely Scotland! Time to tuck up and enjoy all that wood, how organised you are:~)

    • Any time you fancy a swap, just let me know. Typically enough, the snow is now almost gone, but we have storm force winds forecast. My next post may be about fallen trees!

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