The Third of Winter

Who would live in the Scottish climate?

Sometimes it is like this:Sometimes it is like this:And sometimes it is like this:And quite often it can be all of them at once. It is not a surprise that some plants just don’t grow. The surprise is that any of them survive at all.


10 thoughts on “The Third of Winter

  1. The last picture is terrific! I thought only in America they could have weather like that…
    Did the tree fall into your garden? I hope not… But you can try and power-wash it from all those lichens.

    • Hi Linnie. That’s nice of you. Taking pictures of falling snow at night is something my camera strongly objected to. It kept telling me it was too cold and too dark, and it wanted to go inside and do something sensible. It’s obviously a fair-weather camera. The fact that it produced anything at all was because I threatened to leave it out all night with its shutter open.

  2. Maybe I’m a bit odd but I love the extremes of weather, excepting hot weather and assuming there’s a warm bath at the end of the day. You’ve taken some lovely pics! I hope the tree isn’t a beloved one.

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