A break from the rain….

I know I continually moan about the rain and the cold and the unseasonable weather. But just now and again, Scotland hits the climatic sweet spot. So I thought I’d prove it:

This is what Argyll looked like on Friday, and when it looks like this, you wonder whether there can be anywhere more beautiful and tranquil.  Unfortunately, it only looks like this on, perhaps, ten days in the year. I was a little early to see the Autumn colour in the great west coast gardens of Arduaine and Crarae, but there were hints….

Although they are run by the National Trust for Scotland, neither Arduaine nor Crarae are currently in great shape. Disease has hit them both – Arduaine is going to have to fell most of its larch trees, which will wreck its shelter belt, and Crarae has something nasty which is infecting its fabulous rhododendrons. There’s also the problem that very few visitors make it this far down Kintyre, which makes both gardens difficult to sustain for an organisation that gets no government funding. Both have hovered on the brink of closure over the past decade – which is why I visit them as often as I can.


12 thoughts on “A break from the rain….

  1. Fabulous photos, you can’t beat Scotland for scenery and when you have good weather it really is the best place on earth, that is , apart from the midges!!

  2. We loved Scotland when we visited last year and I agree, when the weather behaves there is nowhere as beautiful. It is a shame your weather isn’t better. You have such a short growing season. It’s fine to moan about the rain. I live in Wales and think I go on about the rain a lot too but really when it rains as much as it does it’s to be expected 😉 It’s sad to hear about the trees and a shame that most things ultimately come down to money and whether there is enough of it to preserve places like these.

    • Wales is pretty OK, too, by my reckoning. I suppose if we both had a Mediterranean climate we might be happier, but on the whole I’ll rest content with what I have.

  3. Hello Mr K, I was up in the Highlands (Lochinver, Applecross, Skye, Mallaig) a few years back for a fortnight. And I’m terribly sorry but I may have used up that year’s entire allowance of fair weather. It was early June and beautiful – for day after day after day. And I’m also sorry that I didn’t go to Kintyre. I’ll try and make amends on my next visit. Dave

    • Kintyre is something of a hidden secret, Dave. Not many visitors; nothing truly spectacular by way of mountains or monsters. But unbelievably lovely all the same (when the sun’s out)

  4. I keep promiising myself a trip to Scotland especially when I see photos like yours but how am I going to time it to get one of those elusive days.?

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