You never know what’s going to happen..

A year ago, on March 4th to be precise,  Spring had arrived:P1000794

This year, It hasn’t:P1010483

Barely a week ago, I was manuring the raspberries, weeding the herbaceous borders, making plans to get compost onto the primulas. And now there are six inches of snow, and gardening life grinds to a halt. I don’t mind at all as it happens – I’d far rather have a late spring than one where everything rushes into growth and then is shrivelled by May frosts, as happened last year.

The snow came in on the east wind in heavy showers – battleship grey clouds trailing white streamers. When they hit, the garden disappeared – white vortices spiralling in the backdrafts, the blackbirds abandoning their food and hunching down in the meagre shelter of the cotoneaster bushesP1010479.

The showers passed; the sun emerged; it was almost warm. At least, with snow in March, you know it won’t stay for very long. So it’s possible to enjoy the look of the garden in the last of its winter covering.P1010484


9 thoughts on “You never know what’s going to happen..

  1. We were lucky, just a few snow flurries, but the wind!!! The wind is so cold and flattening all the spring flowers that had put their heads above the parapet! Hopefully warmer weather is coming by the end of the week but that means more rain! Your snow looks lovely, hopefully it won’t stay long.

  2. A beautiful but short-lived snowfall–perfect, and I am envious. I love the image of the storm in progress–it makes me think of wood fires and hot drinks and books. But I hope snow wasn’t hard on your A. blanda blooms.

    Now I really must go thoroughly read the side-bar.

  3. Wow. You sound as calm as a sacred indian cow and your garden is under a thick cover of snow. I would be desperate. Pictures are amazing though, I hope you could enjoy your crocuses and a little spring soon.

    • Truth to tell, Alberto, we had a lovely dry ten days before the snow arrived, so I got a lot done & don’t mind being forced to take a week off. And I was so scunnered (good Scots word there) by the damage caused last year by early warmth, that I’m quite content if Spring does not arrive until April.

  4. Gie dreich here at the moment Kininvie, snow is forecast for the next couple of days but as you say it doesn’t lie for long. I have seen Crocus on the council land near us in full bloom in the third week of February but the best show is always when they are on the late side.

    • Yes, more snow is coming down as I write – and drifting too. I was prepared to put up with a bit, but it is now eight days since the garden was snow free, and I really need to get compost onto the herbaceous plants. Does anyone manufacture a garden tractor that can cope with snow? (short answer – no).

  5. Thanks for all the great pictures and comments too….if its any consolation we are in the South of France and having appalling “spring” weather too !!

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