A bit of warmth.

Tonight, the temperature is forecast to drop to 2 degrees. And to reach a high of 7 tomorrow, with thundery showers and a 22mph wind from the south-west. Perfect gardening weather. So, to cheer me (and you) up, here are a few hints of what spring should really be like. I had to go to Andalucia to find them:

I don’t know what the blue flower is. It looked like a kind of Echium, but not so hairy. Are there any Mediterranean experts among readers who can help out? And that’s a fearsome thistle.P1010526

If I sow a packet of wild flower seeds, does the result look like this? No.P1010529

There is no Scottish equivalent to bougainvillea. Maybe it’s just as well. Too pink. Or too purple. Or both.P1010517

There’s something very classy about wrought iron. If I had a proper garden, with proper gates and paths, instead of a cold swamp, I might invest in some. There’s nothing like a good wrought iron gate, complete with your initials, to make the plebians envious as they peer in at your perfect fountain and your nicely spaced pot plants…P1010522


14 thoughts on “A bit of warmth.

  1. Nice and warming photos. Could the blue plant be a form of campanula, the flowers look abit like that? You could try the Meditterean Society

  2. Viper’s bugloss? If so, it is a bit earlier than I am used to seeing it in the French Alps at 1000 metres, but that’s not surprising. Still cold and wet here in Wiltshire – the primroses / primulas are loving it.

  3. Good to know you found some warmth for a few days. Like the wrought iron but it would need a certain sort of garden for it, I think we’re too countryfied to merit wrought iron!

  4. Viper’s bugloss? But I’m used to seeing that a bit later in the French Alps (1000m and up, so hardly surprising).

  5. Sure, ramble off to a semi-tropical paradise when you should be at home chopping up seed potatoes. Is that pretty orchard composed of olive trees? And you know I can see right through your bougainvillea envy. –L

    PS: The elegant ironwork’s got nothing on your standing stone.

    • It wasn’t very semi-tropical. In fact it rained a bit. Yes, olive trees – miles and miles of them. Rather too much of a monoculture (although I do like olives – a lot)

  6. Being even further north than yourself, a bit of warmth is just what I need. Great pictures gave me just what I wanted.

    I think my comments have been going into your akismet spam Kininvie, so not sure if this will go through.

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