…And a good time was had by all.

Once a year, we have our local festival, and the garden is put to proper use. For the last four years, it has been either freezing cold, pouring with rain, or else hot with torrential thunderstorms. In Scotland, you can never, ever, book a date for a barbecue or an outdoor party with even the faintest expectation that the weather will play along.

But this year, everything came together. Warm sunshine in a cloudless sky, and the garden at its peak, with all the (very late) May flowers still in bloom, and the June colour rushing ahead in the warmth. I love seeing people enjoying the garden (especially the dedicated types who start pulling out weeds).P1010699

As ever, the blue poppies were the main attraction:P1010711


We sold plants (not all of them mine):

We had an eagle owl:P1010702

And olympic games (of a sort):P1010705

The bouncy castle was a sell-out (last year we couldn’t even inflate it, there was so much rain):P1010707

Painting the road (who cares what the local Council thinks?) is always popular. I don’t know why, but small children just love having a big tarmac canvas to work with…P1010710

I’m completely knackered. In an hour’s time we shall all get together in our tiny community hall, eat a large amount of food and drink a good deal, and celebrate a remarkably good day.¬† Last year, I ran a Virtual tour of the garden (it was too hot this year). So if you want to join in – feel free.


16 thoughts on “…And a good time was had by all.

  1. Really jealous that we are too far away to have participated, and unable to see your blue poppies for real. Love the Tarmac painting idea too. Thanks for another great post.

    • My wish was granted – we had just enough rain for a couple of days, and now the sun is back (sort of) I agree about gardens. Mine is massively underused. I wish I could work out a way of having more people come to enjoy it.

  2. Wonderful that everyone in your community was able to come and enjoy your garden, weren’t you lucky with the weather! It’s no good having a lovely garden if you can’t share it with others, hopefully the ones who did a spot of weeding for you didn’t pull our anything precious!

    • The weather was just perfect for once, Pauline. In other years, I’ve seen people courageously stumping round with umbrellas. You can never tell. That’s just a part of living in Britain, I suppose.

  3. I hope it was a good party last night. It all seems a wonderful local festival event. I love the image of the little kid with the bat–he was certainly enjoying the day. But that owl looks grumpy. You should have let him at some of your mice and he would have had a better time. The lawns and gardens all seem perfection, and to have real gardeners (marked so by their weeding instincts) come and appreciate your efforts– what could be better?

    • The owl got grumpy after about four hours of having its photo taken, and who can blame it? Do you have eagle owls out there – or is it just hummingbirds?

  4. It sounds and looks like a lovely say. I did laugh about your comment re weed pulling. I often have an urge to do this but wonder if the owner will think I am being rude

    • I suppose it could be interpreted as a reflection on the gardener not having done a proper job. But my garden is so full of weeds anyway, that I don’t worry if people want to pull some out for me. It all helps.

  5. Sounds wonderful weather, could you please send some down to south of france, we are perishing cold down here, and are still lighting our woodburner at night! lovely ideas for your party, glad you all has a good time, and many thanks for the blog.

    • Hi Jane, and welcome. It’s always the case that if Scotland gets good weather, everyone else gets rained on. But it so rarely happens that way around that I find it hard to feel guilty. Hope France cheers up soon (especially since I shall be there in a few weeks)

  6. Kininvie, your garden looks picture perfect and what a great day you had. I did take a virtual tour and was surprised at the lack of the Pieris Forest Flame. Perhaps it would be a good idea to grow some of these then instead of road graffiti you could supply buckets of green paint for the children to return the leaves to a more natural look.

    • Alistair, what a great ideal! But (not having any pieris) I shall do it the other way around and supply a large green plant in a pot, and then the children can paint the leaves any colour they fancy (the rain will wash it off). Brilliant.

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