Return to reality

I’ve been away.DSC00012

Somewhere with a few mountainsDSC00036

And some blue seaDSC00013

But returning to a September garden is a reminder that there’s stuff to be done. It’s heavy manual work too – no more springtime wandering around looking for new growth and pulling out the odd weed. Instead, it’s cutting back the dying jungle of grass, hoping that this will pay back in a better wild flower display next year. The wet grass burns with that delicious autumnal scent; the thick smoke writhing up in the sunlightDSC00056

The there’s the firewood to cut, split and stack. But when these things are done, I shall contemplate the onset of winter with a degree of equanimityDSC00060.

17 thoughts on “Return to reality

  1. Nice to hear your safe return from the side with the midges. I’ve tramped on that beach a fair few times myself.

    Whilst I admire smouldering green stuff – I have wood envy again.

    Sigh, tips a woolly hat in your direction.

      • Oh sorry – missed those. I should have recognized the photos – Lochinver is the only part of Scotland I know quite well. I’ve stayed with friends who own The Albannach several times (far too expensive for me to stay there otherwise!). You’re right about the walking. It is splendid but with elderly dogs in tow I was only able to reach half way up Suilven.

  2. Welcome back, Mr K, missed you. Great scenery shots, I think I took the same views with an Instamatic in years gone by. No chance yet of getting started on the heavy work here – my Wiltshire brand of clay still has cracks as deep as your arm, even though it has started to rain again recently.

      • Boasting again, Mr K. Mine is nasty grey: workable during a ten minute window in the spring between weighs-a-ton-wet and cracked clinker. Not complaining of course. If I put in as much work as you it would probably be better.

  3. Back to reality Kininvie. I recommend that you all expand the pictures on this post to appreciate the beauty of Scotland. I better not get started or this whole moving thing will be off. Has it not been a sensational Summer, feeling the cold this past week!

    • I think it’s just been a normal summer Alistair – just that the last couple of decades have been sub-normal. Are you really moving? Are any of your wonderful plants in need of a good home?

      • Ah Kininvie, even a normal Summer in Aberdeen very seldom is like the one which has just passed. Yes we really are moving this time and have sold up to include all the plants in the borders.

  4. Yes, back to reality, your wood store is very impressive, you certainly won’t be feeling the cold this winter. Your holiday scenery is very familiar, I’m sure I have been there, so beautiful!

    • Beautiful in the right weather, Pauline. And now and again, it is the right weather. But that wood store is only a couple of months’ worth. I need to have three times that amount before I’m confident of surviving the winter..

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