My Favourite Garden Blogs

My Daily blog reading:

Here are some of my favourite gardening and garden photography blogs.The list may well expand.

Click on the image to be taken to the blog.

Aberdeen Gardening: Alistair’s meticulous Aberdeen garden. Good detail. Good thoughts.


Amazingness: Anna Hillman’s photography blog. Stunning pictures of plants colonising London’s urban spaces.


Andrea in this lifetime: Whenever I feel the need for a bit of tropical heat and colour, this is where I go. Lots of good stuff about the plants of the Philippines and how they grow.


Altro Verde: Alberto’s garden in northern Italy is full of grasses, and of many other wonderful plants. I’m not a great fan of grass gardens, but reading this blog is changing my mind.


The Anxious Gardener: Dave has the gardens of a Tudor priory in Sussex to play with. Wasps, rabbits, snakes, frogs… and some great plant wisdom.


Blogging from Blackpitts Garden: The posh blog of James Alexander-Sinclair (of Gardeners’ World & the RHS). Not listed here for its pedigree, but because it is brilliantly mad, stunningly written, and has comments which are just as funny as the blog.


A Digital Botanic Garden: Phil says of his blog ‘The stuff you might have studied during a botany degree, in the days when there were botany degrees…’ Actually, it’s a fascinating excursion into plant life, and I learn a lot..


Lead up the garden path: Pauline’s garden in Devon is the kind of place most of us envy. Flowers for all seasons and home-carved sculptures to go with them


Mes plantes des montagnes du monde: Alain & Ghislaine’s rock garden site (English version too). Slightly confusing, but wonderful site for alpine enthusiasts. I’ve linked straight to their photographs of the plants they grow, but there’s lots more to be found.


Metropolitan Gardens: Gardening in Cascadia: Jordan’s blog from the Seattle area is a mine of useful information. Plant lists, flowering times, books, inspiring images and an excellent blogroll.


The Sproutling writes: Libby is Head Gardener at Layer Marney Hall in Essex, UK. She writes about the trials and tribulations of managing a garden used for various events such as the Valhalla Festival of Muscle and Power


The Wind and the Wellies: Fay’s blog about her life and her garden in the windswept Orkney islands off the north coast of Scotland. The wind may batter the plants, but the views are unmatched.


Women who run with Delphiniums: Linnie and I share a similar approach to gardening, despite the fact she lives in Oregon and I don’t. How to sum it up? Mild panic in the face of chaos….

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