A blue poppy gallery

A few images of my blue poppies (meconopsis ‘Slieve Donard) taken in summer 2013. Use them if you want to (they look good on cards), but a credit for the blog would be nice. For speed of loading, these are fairly low-res; if anyone wants higher res images, I have a few: just leave a request. Clicking on one of the images takes you to a full size version, and you can scroll on through…

2 thoughts on “A blue poppy gallery

  1. Slieve Donard is a beautiful one and I used to grow the blue poppies from seed in my Co Down home where I could see the mountain Slieve Donard in the distance. I haven’t grown them in my central Scotland garden yet but have just the perfect spot. You had a wonderful display in June. I’ve just posted lots of photos from Branklyn and linked to the meconopsis site that you have in your sidebar.

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